Tj and I are a real married couple who are very turned on letting you watch our escapades. You will see the site is slanted towards my need to suck a big gooey load from Tj's fire hose, but I am at an age where I am quite insatiable so you will find me doing all sorts of Naughty things...
I knew Tj would get my naked boobies in the snow! He always does! I kind of thought it was cool to stand in snow in my platform shoes anyway! Doing sexy things like that makes me very horny! I haven't done one of my patented pickle smooch blow jobs in a long time, and i thought you might enjoy seeing me take on a big gulp of sperm in a fashion I am accustomed to when nobody is looking. Sure Tj blasts me when we are not filming, but often he gets his pickle smooched, I swallow and we go on about our day! I like pickle smooching because I get to eat every drop of those white squiggly guys he shoots in my mouth! None of them are wasted on a wash cloth when I go clean up the sperm I can't find! Oh yes I have found it in my ear, under my hair, in my hair all over, kind of hard to eat it at that point! But I do my best! Anyway, I hope you enjoy me sucking down a huge does of sperm out of Tj's fire hose, I sure liked it! Love Racquel xoxox
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