I was so upset when Tj lost his job. I called his boss Mr. Johnson over to see if there was anything I could do to get him to hire him back. He was pretty set in his decision because Tj had been fucking off, and I knew he had been as well. I asked him to wait just a moment and I came back to the living room in a fur coat, slutty heels and a bra and thong. I figured I needed to try anything, we need that job. I explained to Mr. Johnson that I would suck him everyday and suck him good if he brought Tj back to work for him. He made me show him what kind of cock sucker I am and by the time I was done blowing him I was covered in cum and Tj had his job! I got so excited blowing him that I masturbated with his cock in my mouth. Ya never know when cock sucking skills will save the day!
Racquel xoxoxo

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