Tj and I are a real married couple who are very turned on letting you watch our escapades. You will see the site is slanted towards my need to suck a big gooey load from Tj's fire hose, but I am at an age where I am quite insatiable so you will find me doing all sorts of Naughty things...
Well I sort of fulfilled a fantasy of mine, and that is getting fucked in the rain. It was a little too cold for Tj to partake, but he got heated up watching! Guess I have to wait for summer to get him to play along, but then we have mosquitoes, dammit! We brought our play in the house and I had a chill so I decided to dry off and warm up before letting Tj unload his balls! I like to make him wait sometimes, makes the man more hungry! He bent me over and assisted in 2 more orgasms for me, they are so much better with his dick, his head hits me just the right way. Then watch me suck and tease his cock into a load he spews right on my tongue in my open mouth! Not a drop was wasted!
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