Tj and I are a real married couple who are very turned on letting you watch our escapades. You will see the site is slanted towards my need to suck a big gooey load from Tj's fire hose, but I am at an age where I am quite insatiable so you will find me doing all sorts of Naughty things...
Tj loves a sexy sultry look and that's what we were trying to pull off. He dressed me in this outfit if you must know, OK I chose the sandals! But he loves loose jeans and a top with no bra. He also loves a cowboy hat and sun glasses. You may notice that I lost the wig for this shoot too! We are getting around to using my real hair again I promise, but the wigs are fun. I was feeling very sexy today as I posed for these pictures knowing that somewhere someone would pull out there cock and stroke while they looked at them. Is that someone you? Hee hee enjoy!!
Creamy Facials - Cum Swallowing
Footjobs - Pantyhose
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