Tj and I are a real married couple who are very turned on letting you watch our escapades. You will see the site is slanted towards my need to suck a big gooey load from Tj's fire hose, but I am at an age where I am quite insatiable so you will find me doing all sorts of Naughty things...
This update is insane! We have had family in town and Tj's brother decided to invite friends over to our house. We hadn't filmed our update yet and while everyone was outside we wanted to get it done, cause it takes Tj a few hours to complete it after we film it. We went to the back corner of the house thinking nobody would come back there, and besides I only went in to order pizza! I guess we were gone too long, we heard someone talking in the kitchen but just closed the door and Tj ran out to see what was up, just some drink we resumed. In the middle of our video someone knocked on the door! Then I realized my clothes were in the hallway, along with the tripod! Sorry, but I thought it was hysterical, if people want to come to my home and I have to get an update done they just have to deal with it! Turns out it was his brother fucking with us anyway...he knew what we were doing the butt head. I hope you enjoy this update, as you can see neither of us are too bothered, I just laughed allot!
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