Tj and I are a real married couple who are very turned on letting you watch our escapades. You will see the site is slanted towards my need to suck a big gooey load from Tj's fire hose, but I am at an age where I am quite insatiable so you will find me doing all sorts of Naughty things...
Hello friends! Man was I a horny cuss! Shhhhheeeeesh! I think it was all that email I got about my feet, and wow all the details about making Tj cum on my shoes...just got me really going! I hope all you foot lover's enjoy it, and I did add a little more for the non-foot-lovers : ) Fun for all : ) This is a towel grabber for sure.....Tj's cock would not stop shooting and I tell ya after the camera was turned off I was wiping cum up from the vanity and the wall....OMG! I would have licked it but ya know...there is hair spray and such and cleanign stuff all over...not so tastey even with thick goo : ) Have a great weekend and be safe : )
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